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How to connect

In order to connect to our Interlude server you will need to carry out the following guide.

1).  Download the Interlude client from here Interlude Client.

2).  Install the game client and when it finishes, press the CANCEL button to stop updating.

3).  Download our interlude system.rar from here L2Raviel *NEW* Patch delete your system folder and extract all files. Usually is C:\Program Files\LineageII. Start the game with L2.exe from within the system folder.

4).  If you find the download Speed low You can try These Mirrors:


5).  After the extract double click on the {L2.exe} inside the system folder.


Lineage Raviel Staff

  • [Owner - Raviel]
  • [Admin - Raviel]
  • [HGM - Raviel]

  • Tips For L2Raviel

  • Invite Some friends
    to Raid up.

  • Vote every 12 hours
    To get plenty of rewards.

  • Report Bugs that you
    may find and get rewarded.

  • Join On Every Event
    to get plenty of Lifestones.

  • Mages classes are better
    for farming smoothly.